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  • Anapro 3.0 (LIMS-ERP)
  • HP ML310 G8 Proliant
  • Network Users: 5
  • Profiled Users: 1
  • Locations: 1
  • Oracle Database
  • Java
  • Automatic Backup
  • Holographic Certs
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After-Sales Support
At LSD, we are are constantly developing Technological advancements in our product lines.
Our team of field service technicians is highly trained to provide technical assistance, remote advisory and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As we continue to advance our cutting-edge LIMS products, we will provide our customers with the support and service they require through highly engaged, proficient and dedicated employees.
1. Online Trouble Support System
We have a proactive and robust online support ticket system. Once you become a customer, an exclusive account will be open for you on our web portal. Via this means you can quickly submit observations, requests and obtain clarifications pertaining to your LIMS installation. You can also share experiences with other LIMS users.
2. Customer Care Telephone lines
Our front-line Customer Service Representatives manage incoming calls and provide direct clarifications and guidance wherever possible. When necessary you will be swiftly connected to a Technical personnel and if expeditious remote service cannot be achieved, then a LSD Field Service Technician will be dispatched to the location. Depending on your location, LSD's widespread service network allows a Field Service Technician to be on-site in a matter of hours, in most cases.
3. Field Service Technicians
As mentioned above, sometimes expeditious remote service may not be feasible. Our after-sales support squarely covers situations where it would become necessary that our field support personnel come to physically service your LIMS installation. We have an entire team dedicated to this. Field support includes, but not limited to:
  • Server Troubleshooting. LIMS resides on Industry-Strength Server Hardware, running Ubuntu Linux Platforms. That combination was elected to ensure that it will be highly unlikely that this system would ever fail. But no system is absolutely infallible. Hence in the unlikely event that the unforeseen happens we have highly qualified personnel to help you out.
  • Network Troubleshooting. Local Network glitches might prevent one or more office workstations from communicating with the server. A Field technician might be required to put the network back to life.
  • Anti-virus Administration. LIMS servers do not require Anti-virus installations but your Network workstations would. In the event of a Virus emergency a Field Technician might be needed.
  • LIMS updates. LIMS is always improving and adding on new functionalities. Field Technicians are needed to effect new updates on pre-existing LIMS installations.
  • Data Transfer. If you need to migrate your data to a different platform or hardware our Field Technicians will be available.
4. Follow-up Training
Our customers are always welcome in our offices to expand their insight into LIMS. LIMS is a very powerful application and in the course of its use you are going to always have areas that need shedding light on. We make no pretenses that everything to know about the system will be imparted during our initial Employees Certification Training programmes. Hence you are always welcome in our offices so we can further explore this wonderful tool together.